Monday, 10 December 2012

Octopus' Garden

In our English class we have been given the opportunity to do something that only occurs once in a lifetime! "The Octopus' Garden". We are doing this with the Grade 8's. Our goal is to design and create a 21st century classroom for our school but we have to convince our teacher(Mrs. Holly) and our principal that this is for an educational purpose or that it will improve and help our learning skills. For this project we have been split into different sections for different parts of the room, for example floor, walls, furniture, etc.
My group is called NoLimits. It contains six people, including the Grade 8's We are in charge of the "Other Stuff". That means, all the computers, lighting, etc. We really have to communicate with ALL the other groups! THe first thing we had to do was to sign up for our team jobs. I signed up to be the Tweeter. My job was to tweet at least 3 times per class and to include one photo at least. This was to keep everybody up to date. 

While working on the Garden, I have learnt ALOT of things, for example that the colour red makes you more aggresive and the colour blue calms you down. I have also improved on alot of things, before I started this project I said "Awh we are working with the grade 8's? Oh no its going to be so annoying!" I was wrong. I learnt that the Grade 8's are not AS bad as I thought they would be.  In the end I learned so many new things, if I had to relive this moment I would! Although, during the assignment, the grade 8 boys said they were scared of me! That was interesting to know! Thanks Mrs Holly!

Sapphira and I  trying to write NoLimits. Whew so much work!

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