Thursday, 7 February 2013

Recount of Phase 2

During Phase 2 of our “Octopus Garden Project” our team NoLimits, had to research for some of the things we thought we would would need for A 21st century classroom for the topic “Other Stuff”. “Other Stuff” includes projectors, laptop protectors, etc.

First, we made a about some of the things we thought we would need. We had to research, where we could buy it, why it will help our learning, etc. Then, our team decided on the four or five things we needed the most and we had to make a film about them, explaining why it will help our learning. After we made it, we uploaded it to Youtube, and Grade 7 and Grade 8 had to review each team’s video and learn about recount writing! 

I enjoyed every part of this project! I learned many skills like, teamwork, cooperation, etc. If I could do this project again, what I would do differently is I would try and help my team more and do more research for my team. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project, and I am very excited for the upcoming events! 
Me and Sapphira! 

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Octopus's Garden! :D



  1. A great post Ranjani; your recount is backed up with plenty of examples and links mostly with captions and appropriate tagging.

    Your overall structure is clear and logical and you have used the writing frame really well.

    Please work on connectives; try linking sentences together for more variety and interest. Remember to state the source or give a caption for every post.