Saturday, 2 March 2013

Phase 3; Final Phase Blogpost.

Phase 3 is the final part of this project,which is when we have to make the final decision for our 21st Century Classroom. We also need to work on our big presentation infront of the principal and head of the school! The job's for this phase were slightly different from the past phases, since this is the last one. My job is the Quality Checker.  I think that it is one of the main roles, since I have to make sure the presentation turn out well in the end. 

I have to check if pictures are in the right place and there is no dead spaces (blank areas) and they are also appropriate for the slide it is on. If it is not, I have to make sure to tell the editor of the slide. I also have to check if the font is the correct one. Lastly, I have to go through te presentation and check if it meets our audience's (Dr. Stuart and Mr. Wade) requirements and interests. Nevertheless, I am also in charge of a slide about Projectors, I was going to put a lot of info on it and a picture, but Mrs. Holly said that a picture is enough since we are going to be saying most of the information. We have to ensure our slides are mostly images and not hat much text since that would not be eye-catching.

What I found most challenging was to collaborate with the Grade 8's. Since they are not in our grade, or in the same class, it is difficult to coordinate our work with theirs, but we are using tools such as Edmodo, Gmail and to make it easier. What I found most rewarding is that, I get to learn new skills, make new friends and overall have fun and learn alot of new things! This phase, my target is to make Dr. Stuart and Mr. Wade to grant us the permission to something we have worked extremeley hard on! :D Thank you for giving us this opportunity! 

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