Thursday, 28 March 2013

Report Writing!

Research Question: What is a 21st century classroom?

Classrooms have not changed for 100 years. The classrooms our grandparents used looked very similar to the way ours look now - but the way we teach and learn is very different. The Octopus Garden Project was geared towards redesigning our classrooms to make them better learning environments. The Octopus Garden Team consisted of both 7th and 8th graders which meant that working together would be both a challenge, but in a good way!. We had to use different media, for example Edmodo, Mail, and Twitter. In the process we learned that social networking could be used effectively for work and not just for fun. As the project moved on we realised we had many things in common and few differences and became close friends! The Octopus Garden Project was an amazing opportunity to show off our collaborative, organizing, and other teamwork skills! For me personally it helped me recognize and develop my leadership, communication, risk-taking skills and time-management!    

The whole group was divided into teams who researched and became experts in different areas; walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and ‘other stuff’. The Internet was our primary source of information. However, we also did rely on our common knowledge.

Our research was collected using various tools ; Murally, Google Drive, Mail, Twitter . We put down all our information in separate Google Documents and referenced them. The  Google Jockey, who recorded our progress in every lesson, and finally Sticky Notes in our Team Files which served as reminders for tasks or just to leave notes!!

Most often, our teams would decide on the best piece of research basing it on our goals, i.e improve our learning, looking cool.  

According to

the main ideas about furniture are:

. We can control the brightness of this lamp with a touch and it comes in various colours!

In conclusion the D-spots (Touch Lamps) would be great for a 21st century classroom because it uses a power saving e14 bulb (LED). The European Commission says if we use LED’s instead of fluorescent’s we can save enough electricity to power eleven billion houses!  

Another idea is

the main ideas about Other Stuff are t
his extension pivots so it allows us to use plugs of any size with freedom!

and the sections are detachable so we could make it longer or shorter!

Therefore new cables suit a 21st century classroom because we have had some issues with wires - particularly later in the day when our laptop batteries run low and we could use new ones!

A third idea is the main ideas about floors are

It has a relaxing shape and
its flexibility can help those who like lying to help their learning.

In conclusion the flying carpet , which is relevant for a 21st century classroom because it has a

comfortable and playful three-dimensional space to sit down, stretch out and learn.

A fourth source, the main ideas about Other Stuff are
We thought about replacing the blinds with projector screens over the windows giving different views and allowing different classroom layouts that don’t focus on the front,

There is no defined front of the classroom making it the flexible and dynamic space we like

In conclusion Blinds/projector screens would work in a 21st century classroom because if you are sitting in the back, front or at a different angle, you can turn to a blind that suits your comfort needs.

Yet another idea is

the main ideas about furniture are
they are comfortable and versatile!

They come in many different colours!

In conclusion beanbags would be great in a 21st century classroom because they allow you to be comfortable while you work!

The research for The Octopus’s Garden Project suggests that a 21st century classroom needs to have:
- a flexible learning environment

-access to technology but still paper and pen, teachers

-structured classroom, but also need a more informal class 

-flexibility in the form of ( projector screens, no defined front, chairs and beanbags, computer and paper)

- creative and flexible 

Nexus International School learners would benefit from changing the classroom to include some or all of these items to facilitate better learning and make it a fun experience!


The WHOLE Garden Team! :D

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  1. You have used the frame well to create an organised report - though you need to work on the formatting so it is easier to read.

    You have used references (check the formatting of them so they match the guidelines though) and captions on your photos - more images would have enhanced this further.

    Your introduction is clear and has a great personal voice. I like the way you introduce the project in the research and analysis section too - you guide your reader step by step through your writing, which is great.

    (I think) your ideas are presented logically using good topic sentences and summary sentences; work on developing your analysis to really show deep critical thinking about what each could offer the 21st century classroom - though some are obviously more developed than others. If you use words from a source, please make sure you use quotation marks to show that the words are not your own and state the source of your ideas.

    Overall, a great effort showing careful though and understanding about the project. Well done Ranjani!