Sunday, 21 April 2013

2nd Random Act of Kindness!

15th April- As usual, I smiled at random people, even if I didn't know them!

16th April- I gave some chocolates out to some of my "friends" and a card saying, "Be kind to one another" 

20th April- I helped my friend find and retrieve her earring, which had fallen into the drain, I got a tiny bit dirty!!

21st April- I made a card for my neighbour saying "Happy Sunday! Enjoy your pack of Skittles!" and put it on their doorstep along with a pack of skittles. 

All of the above actions made me feel good about myself and I love helping others now!!


  1. I am really glad you are enjoying this project - your acts are thoughtful and original and I am sure you are having an impact on people.

    I would like you to start developing your posts to explore more fully the impact you think you are having on others - and what the world might be like if we were all like this all the time. Work on making your posts really interesting to your readers.

  2. Ok! My target is to make my post more interesting for people to look at! Right now it seems boring, I should add some pictures and more captions!