Sunday, 14 April 2013

Random Act of Kindess!

1st Random Act of Kindness (7th April) - I wrote a song for my parents, since I knew that they were under a lot of stress lately and put up a little concert for them! 

2nd Random Act of Kindness (8th April) - I wrote a bunch of happy and nice quotes on pieces of paper and stuck them in peoples mailboxes! 

3rd Random Act of Kindness (10th April) - I sang a song for my friends, I usually don't do that since I am shy (singing infront of people)!

4th Random Act of Kindness (11th April) - I smiled and said good morning/afternoon/evening to many people I walked past, even if I don't like them or know them!
5th Random Act of Kindness (12th April) - Instead of being on my computer the whole day, I helped my mother cook and clean up the house!


  1. Awesome Ranjani - these are lots of great ideas and attempts at kindess.

    I would like to see you developing more thinking about one of the things in more detail. What do you think happened when people found the messages?

    1. I actually did that because I know people are getting sacked from their jobs and they have bad days! They might have actually read it and smiled or were cheered up by it, or some people might have just thrown it away without even looking at it! I think it all depends on what kind of person got it! :)

  2. I think you can write it a bit more detail like how you feel when something happened!! But you are so kind!! >_<

  3. Try to write about how you felt when doing these random acts of kindness! :D Wonderful things you did though