Sunday, 26 May 2013

Random Act of Kindness #5

Hola guys!

You know the drill, I'm going to be explaining what I did for my Random Act of Kindness Project.
Let's get to it!

For the past two weeks, Mrs Holly has set us a challenge, and that challenge was to smile, regardless of your feelings or your opinion about that person. I was feeling a little bit down in the dumps this week, nevertheless, I accepted the challenge. I smiled at every single person I saw, whether they were on the street or in their car!

That's not the only thing I did! :D

Number One : My Mother and Father were having a little get-together with some of their friends and there was SO much work to be done! They were preparing everything together and I decided I would help them. I made little fruit parfaits.

Number Two: While I was in Giant( A supermarket), a four-year old was crying because he had been separated from her parents, I helped her look for her Mother and Father for awhile, but someone had found them before I did. I was disappointed but happy I could help at the same time.

Well that is it for this week!

Au revoir! 

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  1. Great work Ranjani. Overall, your post is well organised, tagged and has some great graphics - all with sources.

    I would like you to think very carefully about the impact your actions have on people; how might the rest of their day go after you have been kind to them; how might they act towards others? You need a conclusion that shows you are thinking carefully about these actions and how they relate to our topic and themes.